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Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Chapter 2

By Judy Blume

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Chapter 2

  • Margaret's still settling into her new house when Nancy Wheeler stops by. A fellow sixth grader at Margaret's new school, it turns out they're in the same class and neighbors. Score.
  • Nancy invites Margaret over for a little bit of summer fun running through the sprinklers.
  • Before sprinkler running though, Margaret gets to know a little bit more about Nancy: she's got a drawer full of cosmetics she uses to practice for when she's actually allowed to use makeup, and she's never been kissed either (though she also practices for that).
  • While over at the Wheeler house, Margaret also meets Mrs. Wheeler, Nancy's brother Evan, and Evan's friend Moose Freed, the local lawn care boy.
  • Before Margaret leaves Nancy's house, she also gets the instructions to wear loafers with no socks on the first day of school. It's what all the kids are doing, it seems.
  • Back at home, Margaret tries to sell her dad on hiring Moose Freed to cut their lawn, but her parents are very into the DIY suburban lifestyle.
  • That night Margaret has another (one-sided) convo with God. Turns out our girl Margaret is more than a little worried about growing up… especially the physical side. She asks God for a little help.

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