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Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Chapter 21

By Judy Blume

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Chapter 21

  • The Simon house is in turmoil, getting ready for Grandfather and Grandmother Hutchins.
  • Margaret and her dad do the best they can to be supportive of her mom, and before we know it, the Hutchins have touched down in Newark.
  • While it isn't exactly the loving reunion we were hoping for, at least it is civil. Awkward yes, but civil.
  • They have a fancy—but slightly tense—dinner, and manage to make it all the way until after dinner before religion comes up.
  • Once it does though, things go downhill fast. Margaret's grandmother is quite upset to hear that Margaret doesn't go to Sunday school, and maintains that because Margaret's mother was baptized, Margaret is in fact Christian.
  • Margaret's dad gets upset, and Margaret gets upset too and runs away.
  • Instead of turning to a chat with God like she usually does when she's upset, Margaret instead decides to give up on God. And to prove it, she is "never going to set foot in the Y or the Jewish Community Center—never" (21.67). Take that, God.

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