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Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Chapter 6

By Judy Blume

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Chapter 6

  • Back at school, it turns out that Mr. Benedict's questionnaires weren't totally harmless time-fillers: Mr. Benedict wants to follow up on just why Margaret hates religious holidays. Mr. Benedict won't be distracted from his mission either—not even by Margaret's magic eyebrow raise—so she eventually spills the beans that she doesn't have a religion of her own.
  • On Saturday Moose Freed does his first round of lawn mowing, and it appears Margaret might have a little crush; she pretends to read while she's actually watching Moose.
  • Afternoon rolls around and it is time for bra shopping. The trying on experience is about as embarrassing as you might expect, but it's successful, and Margaret comes home with three "Gro-bras" of her very own.

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