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Detective Fix in Around the World in Eighty Days

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Detective Fix

Maybe we're more into a man of the law? (Yeah, we're continuing our Bachelor/Bachelorette theme from Phileas Fogg and Passepartout's pages in this section. We can't help ourselves.)

Detective Fix is here to rain on our heroes' parades. He's the guy we love to hate (even though we're not sure Phileas Fogg isn't the notorious bank robber). But that said, we also really dig his determination.

Like a bulldog with a bone, Fix isn't giving up until he gets what he wants. He's bound and determined to see justice through, even if we know in our hearts that poor Fix is destined to fail. We love to see him foiled at every turn as Phileas and Passepartout evade him at port after port.

Fix is never able to get that darned arrest warrant—"I have tracked Mr. Fogg to this place, but as yet I have failed to receive the warrant of arrest for which I sent to London" (19.16)—and he's stuck speeding across the globe, tracking his prey.

He's a sneaky, sly guy who befriends the gullible Passepartout but then turns around and uses it against him. And then we really start to hate him when he gets desperate enough to tell on Passepartout and take Phileas Fogg to court for desecrating the Hindu temple. He even goes so far as to roofie Passepartout by slipping him some opium.

We're almost swayed along with Passepartout when Fix comes clean about his justice agenda. Then he's just plain cool in the ruckus with the Americans, and even watches over Aouda while Phileas goes on a Sioux Indian raid and rescue mission. So it seems Fix does have somewhat of a heart.

In the end, though, Fix becomes the party pooper we knew he was all along, arresting Phileas right before he can cash in on his bet. We really can't stand Fix "doing the right thing" at this point, especially since Fogg has been so nice to him. No rose for this dude.

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