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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 1

By Jules Verne

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Chapter 1

In which Phileas Fogg and Passepartout accept each other, the one as master, the other as man

  • Phileas Fogg lives at No. 7 Saville Row, Burlington Gardens (that's in London, England). We're not going to lie; his crib is pretty sweet. He has a townhouse mansion, and he's the only one who lives there. The previous owner died just before Fogg moved in, but Fogg doesn't really seem to care.
  • Phileas has one servant whom he has just recently fired because the guy wasn't superhumanly prompt. The servant, James Foster, also brought Fogg's shaving water in at a few degrees colder than he likes it. Needless to say, Foster bit the dust.
  • Nobody knows much about Phileas Fogg (we are told this by the narrator) except that he's a "man of the world" and he's a total gentleman. He has great manners, and it's pretty obvious he's traveled quite a bit in his life, but nobody knows for sure because he's been in London for a long time.
  • Phileas is a bit eccentric (a nice word for weirdo). He's extra-crazy-particular about his daily schedule, his manners, and even his outfits.
  • The only place he goes on a daily basis is his club, The Reform Club (like a fancy gym or country club), which people get into only by invitation from other fancy rich people.
  • Phileas eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner there while he reads the newspaper. Oh yeah, and he gambles with the same group of dudes every night. They play whist (a card game) and chat about, you know, dude stuff.
  • Mr. Jean Passepartout applies for the open position of Phileas's servant. He's French and used to have a crazy lifestyle as a circus performer, professional gymnast, singer, and fireman. He's hoping Phileas's hyper-regular schedule will give him the rest and quiet he's been craving.
  • Phileas hires Passepartout on the spot and then leaves for his club for the night.

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