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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 11

By Jules Verne

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Chapter 11

In which Phileas Fogg secures a curious means of conveyance at a fabulous price

  • On the train to Calcutta there are a bunch of soldiers, government men, and merchants (selling opium and indigo).
  • Sir Francis Cromarty sits with Passepartout and Phileas Fogg on the train. He was one of the people playing whist with Fogg when they were on board the Mongolia.
  • Sir Francis tries to tell all he knows about India, but Fogg isn't interested. Sir Francis begins to observe that perhaps Fogg really doesn't have a heart beneath his cold exterior and that he doesn't seem keen on the beauties of nature. He thinks the wager of going around the world is silly and makes no sense. He worries that Phileas will eventually grow old and die never doing any good to himself or anyone else.
  • Cromarty warns Passepartout and Fogg that they might get in trouble with the British government if it's found out that Passepartout entered the holy pagoda in Bombay. Fogg is dismissive and doesn't think it will be a problem.
  • When the train stops at Burhampoor, Passepartout grabs himself some comfy Indian footwear. After breakfast he thinks a lot about the wager and concludes that Fogg really isn't joking; he plans to go all the way around the world.
  • Suddenly the conductor shouts that everyone needs to disembark because the railway isn't complete until they reach Allahabad. Passepartout is terribly upset and wants to punch someone, while Fogg calmly starts formulating another plan.
  • Passepartout later is able to secure transportation by elephant, but not without it costing Fogg two thousand pounds.
  • Sir Francis begs Fogg not to pay such a crazy price, but Fogg calmly asks him if he has another idea. No? An elephant it is then.
  • A young Parsee guide (a.k.a. elephant whisperer) joins their group and Fogg offers him a good reward should they all make it out of the jungle alive. The elephant's name is Kiouni.
  • Fogg offers to escort Cromarty to Allahabad via his new elephant and Cromarty agrees. Fogg and Cromarty take seats in the "howdah" baskets on either side of the elephant, with Passepartout astride its back and the Parsee riding on the neck.
  • They start off through the jungle via a shortcut that the Parsee knows.

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