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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

In which Fix comes face to face with Phileas Fogg

  • Phileas takes Aouda shopping, Pretty Woman style, in order to get her outfitted for Europe.
  • Aouda begins to fall ever deeper in love with Phileas, despite his cold, calculating exterior.
  • The next day Fogg and Aouda reach the dock of the Carnatic but the ship has already left. Sly Fix meets them at the dock and pretend-innocently inquires about Passepartout. He's pretty happy he managed to foil their plans.
  • Phileas, however, is able to find a ship called the Tankadere that will take them to Shanghai. He invites Detective Fix aboard (ignorant of the detective's treachery) and they set off, even though no one can find Passepartout. The journey continues without him.

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