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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 24

By Jules Verne

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Chapter 24

During which Mr. Fogg and party cross the Pacific Ocean

  • Aouda, Fix, and Fogg are able to grab the ship bound for Yokohama and leave the Tankadere, but not without making its master a little bit richer.
  • Phileas learns that Passepartout did arrive in Japan aboard the Carnatic, and Aouda is thrilled to learn he is in the country.
  • Fogg searches for Passepartout and finds him with the acting troupe.
  • Aouda tells Passepartout about all that happened on the Tankadere, but Passepartout keeps his secret about the roofie situation.
  • Phileas resupplies Passepartout with clothes, and the three once again set sail, this time aboard the General Grant, which is bound for San Francisco.
  • Fix boards the General Grant as well, the warrant for Phileas Fogg's arrest having been lost in Japan. He's totally frustrated, because once on American soil, British law no longer holds any authority—he'll actually have to wait until Fogg is in England again to take him into custody.
  • One day Fix and Passepartout come face to face on deck. Passepartout rushes Fix and tries to strangle him in front of a group of Americans (who totally start betting on him). Passepartout pummels Fix and then lets him up when he feels good and satisfied.
  • Fix asks for a small chat after the fistfight, and Passepartout grudgingly agrees. Fix tells him he is actually on Phileas's side. He says he won't get in Fogg's way anymore (he'll even help out), but he'll arrest him in England and Passepartout can see for himself whether Fogg is innocent or not.

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