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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

In which Passepartout does not succeed in making anyone listen to reason

  • The weather and snow begin irritating Passepartout as he grows impatient for this part of their journey to be over.
  • Aouda recognizes Colonel Proctor on the train (the red-goatee man with whom Phileas vowed to have a duel) and worries that Phileas will make good on his promise. Her BF Phileas is becoming even dearer to her.
  • Aouda tells Fix and Passepartout about the Colonel being onboard and they agree to try to stop Phileas from seeing his enemy.
  • Fix even offers to fight the Colonel, but the group decides to start a game of whist instead to keep Fogg occupied, because, you know, he can't resist it.
  • Eventually the train slows down because of a rickety old suspension bridge and everyone wonders what to do (except Phileas Fogg, who is too engaged in playing whist).
  • Someone then comes up with a brilliant idea to cross it at full speed. Passepartout almost pees his pants at this idea, but the endeavor works out okay, and the train crosses the bridge just in time for it to fall apart after they cross. No biggie.

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