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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

In which a conversation takes place which seems likely to cost Phileas Fogg dear

  • Phileas Fogg reaches the Reform Club, his personal hangout, and takes breakfast in the dining room where he always does, at the same table, every day. He reads the newspapers and has lunch there, too, then goes to the reading room where he joins his friends for their usual game of whist.
  • The group of men discusses a bank robbery. Phileas remarks that he just read in the newspaper that the bank robber is "a gentleman."
  • Fifty-five thousand pounds was taken from a cashier's table, but the theft wasn't discovered until 5:00PM. Detectives were sent to each port in England to see if the money might be recovered. A reward of 2,000 pounds was offered to recover the stolen money.
  • Everyone in town is gossiping about the money being recovered and whether, in fact, it was stolen by—gasp—a gentleman.
  • The men playing whist discuss whether it's possible to go around the world in eighty days. One of Fogg's friends dares him to complete such a feat, and he wagers four thousand pounds. Fogg insists that he can do it and declares that "A true Englishman doesn't joke when he is talking about so serious a thing as a wager." He ups the bet to 20,000 pounds. Bam.
  • Fogg decides to grab the next train to Dover and tells the group that he'll see them all back in the Reform club on Saturday, the 21st of December. To make things all official-like, the six men sign an agreement. The friends suggest that Phileas go home and pack, but Fogg dismisses this and tells them he hasn't finished playing cards yet.

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