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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 30

By Jules Verne

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Chapter 30

In which Phileas Fogg simply does his duty

  • It's now clear that three passengers have been captured by the Sioux.
  • Aouda begins crying over Passepartout, while Phileas simply looks grave.
  • He decides to go on a daring rescue into Sioux territory and asks for volunteers from the soldiers at Fort Kearney. In a great show of bravery, thirty guys agree to help him go rescue the prisoners.
  • Fix stays behind to wait with Aouda. He worries about whether Phileas will come back, but mostly for selfish reasons like, "How will I collect the reward if Fogg is killed?"
  • The train and engine are reunited and get ready to leave the Fort Kearney station. It won't wait for Fogg, so Aouda and Fix are forced to watch it go.
  • The next morning, Phileas rides into the station with Passepartout, the soldiers, and the other two prisoners.
  • Fogg learns that their train left without them and calmly asks when the next one will be coming.

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