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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

In which Fix the detective considerably furthers the interests of Phileas Fogg

  • Because of all the mad rescuing going on, Phileas is now about twenty hours behind schedule and has no train to get him from Fort Kearney to his next destination.
  • Passepartout feels guilty because it's all his fault, but it's Detective Fix who proposes a new plan.
  • He decides to "help" Fogg by suggesting they travel via a newfangled gadget called a "sledge" (basically a wagon with sails).
  • Phileas gives the okay, but his gentlemanly honor comes out when he suggests the trip will be dangerous and that Aouda should remain behind with Passepartout.
  • Aouda refuses, being the brave girl that she is, and accompanies Fogg to Omaha.
  • Phileas and company grab a train to Chicago and then another one to New York, only to find that the ship bound for Liverpool, England has already left.

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