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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 34

By Jules Verne

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Chapter 34

In which Phileas Fogg at last reaches London

  • Phileas is thrown in jail.
  • His deadline is super close to passing him by, and he has no way of getting out of this one. It's hopeless. Useless. And for once, Phileas Fogg seems downright depressed. Yup, the guy who never bats an eyelash at rain, snow, crazy suttee rituals, or duels with American colonels is super duper sad. Did we just see him squirt a tear?
  • But if you thought P.F. was sad, Passepartout and Aouda are standing around the entrance to the jailhouse, dumbfounded with grief. They don't know what to do. The whole party is over, it seems.
  • Detective Fix comes running to Phileas's cell claiming the whole dealy-o is a mistake. The real criminal was caught three days ago, so P.F. is a free man.
  • When Fogg hears this, he punches Fix right in the nose. Huzzah.
  • The train bound for London has already left, so Fogg, Passepartout, and Aouda try to hire a special train. But they experience all kinds of delays, and the train doesn't make it to London in time.

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