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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 35

By Jules Verne

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Chapter 35

In which Phileas Fogg does not have to repeat his orders to Passepartout twice

  • Phileas and company are now broke, the deadline for the bet has passed, and there's nothing to do but go home and pout.
  • Phileas locks himself in his room and, for the first time in the book, allows himself to be seriously depressed.
  • Aouda and Passepartout are so worried they can't eat or sleep.
  • Passepartout stations himself outside Phileas's door just in case the guy decides to commit suicide.
  • Aouda sits down and has a "talk" with old Phileas. He tells her he can't provide for her because he's flat broke, but Aouda, being the totally cool lass that she is, tells him that they don't need the mon' to have fun. She proposes marriage to our gentleman snowman, and he accepts by saying "I love you!" Aw…
  • Passepartout is like, "Finally," and runs off to get a reverend to marry Fogg and Aouda the next day (which they all think is Monday).

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