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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 37

By Jules Verne

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Chapter 37

In which it is shown that Phileas Fogg gained nothing by his tour around the world, unless it were happiness

  • While running to grab the nearest preacher (to marry Phileas and Aouda), Passepartout finds out that it's actually Sunday, not Monday like the group's been thinking.
  • By traveling eastward around the world, Phileas Fogg, master calculator and obsessive organizer, has forgotten the time he's gained by journeying through all those time zones.
  • The group actually arrived two days early.
  • Passepartout races home, grabs Phileas by the collar, shoves him into a cab, and deposits him at the club.
  • Phileas presents himself with minutes to spare and effectively wins the bet.
  • He's rich once more, but more important (as he says so himself), he has won the heart of a "charming" woman.

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