Study Guide

Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 37

By Jules Verne

Chapter 37

In which it is shown that Phileas Fogg gained nothing by his tour around the world, unless it were happiness

  • While running to grab the nearest preacher (to marry Phileas and Aouda), Passepartout finds out that it's actually Sunday, not Monday like the group's been thinking.
  • By traveling eastward around the world, Phileas Fogg, master calculator and obsessive organizer, has forgotten the time he's gained by journeying through all those time zones.
  • The group actually arrived two days early.
  • Passepartout races home, grabs Phileas by the collar, shoves him into a cab, and deposits him at the club.
  • Phileas presents himself with minutes to spare and effectively wins the bet.
  • He's rich once more, but more important (as he says so himself), he has won the heart of a "charming" woman.

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