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Around the World in Eighty Days Chapter 6

By Jules Verne

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Chapter 6

In which Fix, the detective, betrays a very natural impatience

  • Detective Fix is following Mr. Fogg from Suez with a supreme confidence that he is the right man to apprehend the bank robber. (Oh, and there's also a "splendid reward" for his capture.)
  • Detective Fix impatiently waits for the steamship The Mongolia, and when it arrives, he scrutinizes the passengers and crew, looking for the thief.
  • A man approaches the detective asking where the consulate office might be and if the detective will stamp his passport. Poor unsuspecting Passepartout has no idea that he has just given his master's documents to the detective wishing to arrest Fogg.
  • The detective sneakily tells Passepartout that Fogg will need to present himself at the consulate if he wishes to have his passport stamped. Well played, Detective.

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