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Moses Unachukwu in Arrow of God

By Chinua Achebe

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Moses Unachukwu

Moses Unachukwu is the first Christian in Umuaro. Having spent several years on a mission station in a neighboring region, and as the only man in all of Umuaro who speaks English, he feels like something of a local expert.

The people do admire Moses for his skill, but the new catechist at the church, Mr. Goodcountry, thinks he's uppity. The two clash over whether Christians should try to destroy the royal python, a taboo in Umuaro. Moses believes they should leave those symbols alone, while Mr. Goodcountry argues that Christians need to be willing to be martyred for their faith. Moses wins by writing to the bishop and asking for his support. The bishop does offer his support, and Moses wins that round of the battle.

Eventually, the men reconcile and Moses supports Mr. Goodcountry when he decides the church can profit by inviting the people of Umuaro to sacrifice their yams to the Christian god instead of to Ulu.

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