Study Guide

Arrowsmith Chapter 10

By Sinclair Lewis

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Chapter 10

Section 1-2

  • The next time we see Martin, he's running around Zenith and saving lives and acting like a hotshot doctor. Turns out that Angus Duer from his medical school is also working there. 
  • Along the way, he saves a few people from disgrace and turns down a few bribes to keep things quiet. When he thinks about it later, though, he wishes he'd taken some of the bribes. 
  • Martin really makes a name for himself during a flood where he risks his life to save five children from drowning. The guy is a hero in Zenith after that. 
  • Through all of this, though, he becomes homesick for his old lab with Doctor Gottlieb. Some part of him wishes he could just put his head down and do research. 
  • While Martin and Leora are out walking one day, they pass Gottlieb, who looks like a total wreck. They only say a few words to one another, but seeing Gottlieb makes Martin start thinking about him and his research again. 
  • Later on, Martin finishes his internship and moves with Leora to South Dakota to begin his career.

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