Study Guide

Arrowsmith Chapter 24

By Sinclair Lewis

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Chapter 24

Section 1-5

  • On Martin's first day working at McGurk, Max Gottlieb shows him around and gives him a big long lecture about how true science wants nothing to do with money or fame. 
  • Meanwhile, Martin is blown away by the lab he's going to get to work in. All of the equipment is brand new and the only thing he'll have to do for work is whatever research he wants. It's basically a dream job. 
  • The rest of the chapter is taken up with Martin getting introduced to the staff at McGurk, which includes his boss, Dr. Tubbs, a sarcastic-but-genuine guy named Terry Wickett, and a pandering yes-man named Dr. Holabird. Oh yeah, and Martin finds an apartment, too. 
  • This chapter doesn't contain the most interesting stuff in the world, as far as plot is concerned.

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