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Angeline Fowl in Artemis Fowl

By Eoin Colfer

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Angeline Fowl

Though she's a major influence on Artemis's actions and life, Angeline is a minor character in this book, and she spends most of her time hiding in a bed in the attic, trying to deal with hearing things that "crawl along the pillows and into [her] ears" (2.35). She has some sort of bipolar Alzheimer's blend that makes her unable to recognize her "little Arty" when she's talking to Artemis, and takes her from laughing joyfully to throwing things at the walls in an instant. 

Her main role in this book is to humanize Artemis, to show "the web of premature lines that spread from the corners of his deep blue eyes" (4.56), and to redeem him (partially) at the end by prompting him to give up half the gold in exchange for a cure for her. When she finally is cured, though, it prompts a curious blend of happiness and tension for Artemis, since now "his plans would have to be much more devious than usual if they were to escape his mother's attention. But it would be worth it" (9.419). Is he happy to have his mom back? Sure. 

Though this might only be because it'll keep Social Services off his back.

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