Study Guide

Artemis Fowl Epilogue

By Eoin Colfer

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  • Whoever is narrating abruptly cuts in and tells us not to think Artemis has a heart just because he used his wish to heal his mother—he only did so to avoid having Social Services investigate him.
  • We learn that he keeps the existence of the People secret, though the narrator says it's only so he can exploit them for himself. We also learn that Holly becomes the chief expert on Artemis Fowl for all future run-ins.
  • There's an obvious nod to future books in the series and the development of Holly and Artemis's relationship when the narrator mentions they work together during a goblin insurgence.
  • Out of nowhere we learn that Dr. J. Argon, one of the two dim-witted analysts from earlier, is actually the person who compiled this report, and that he's only about 94% accurate. So, you know, think on that.

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