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Artemis Fowl The Environment

By Eoin Colfer

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The Environment

If greed is a way of telling who isn't living harmoniously, care for the environment has the opposite effect in <em>Artemis Fowl</em>. Obviously the fairies are more in touch with the environment and despise the humans for spoiling it in so many places, but what about fairies like Root, who smokes nearly-poisonous cigars? Whenever the environment is brought up in this book, you can be certain that it's to point out what humans sacrifice for their own gain <em>as well as</em> the way the fairies bend the rules on that point themselves.

Questions About The Environment

  1. If the fairies are so worried about human pollution, wouldn't it be worth it to upgrade those old, gas-powered wings to an energy-efficient model, despite budget cuts?
  2. Caring about the environment is one of Artemis's few goodqualities. What does it do for his character to add this into his general mix of criminal tendencies?
  3. The magical power is called a courtesy by the Book, but Hollycalls it a right when she completes the Ritual. Which is it?
  4. The book says Holly can smell death at Fowl Manor, so can wethink of the environment as a living being that communicates itself to people who are listening?

Chew on This

In theory, many of Artemis's good qualities stem from his desire not to harm the environment, but his ability to care the way he does is connected to his wealth. 

Between fairy technology and human ambition it would likely be possible to repair the environment, but the fairies would rather leave humans to their own devices as they destroy themselves. 

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