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As I Lay Dying Section Fifty-Five, narrated by MacGowan

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Section Fifty-Five, narrated by MacGowan

  • MacGowan is a clerk at a pharmacy. He sees Dewey Dell enter, finds her attractive, and pretends to be the doctor.
  • Dewey Dell asks him, again indirectly, about getting an abortion. MacGowan decides to take advantage of the situation. While nothing is explicit, it seems he’s asking her to have sex with him as payment, in addition to the ten dollars she brought from Lafe.
  • Dewey Dell seems to agree, implicitly. McGowan gives her turpentine and asks her to return at 10pm for the rest of the remedy.
  • Dewey Dell returns at 10pm with Vardaman, whom she leaves waiting on the curb outside. MacGowan gives her capsules he has filled with talcum powder and leads her down to the basement.

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