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As I Lay Dying Section Fifty-Two, narrated by Darl

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Section Fifty-Two, narrated by Darl

  • The family is almost to Jefferson. Anse concludes that once they get to town, they’ll need to take Cash to a doctor right away.
  • Anse adds that they ought to have done what Armstid and Gillespie recommended and called in to have the burial plot dug ahead of time. But he feels someone in the family should do the digging. Jewel states that anyone can dig a hole.
  • Out of the blue, Dewey Dell runs for the bushes on the side of the road. She comes back wearing her Sunday dress, which Anse criticizes her for bringing.
  • As the Bundrens approach town, they pass by three people on the road. Two of them comment on the stench of the box, and Jewel turns to the third person and aims to punch him. He insults the man, and the pedestrian pulls out a knife. Darl orders that Jewel take back what he said, and this avoids a physical fight.
  • Instead of getting back into the wagon, Jewel sits on the perimeter, the better for pouting.

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