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As I Lay Dying Section Forty-Nine, narrated by Vardaman

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Section Forty-Nine, narrated by Vardaman

  • In the middle of the night, Darl and Vardaman go over to Addie’s coffin, which they’ve placed under an apple tree.
  • Darl has Vardaman put his ear to the coffin to see what their mother is saying.
  • Vardaman says Addie is asking God to help her.
  • They go back to check up on Cash, who has them pour more water on his leg.
  • Anse, Jewel, and Darl all move the coffin into the barn for the night.
  • Later that night, Vardaman gets up to go see where the buzzards are after dark.
  • He then sees "something," namely Darl setting fire to the Gillespie barn. Dewey Dell later tells him not to reveal what he saw to anyone.

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