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As I Lay Dying Section Forty-Three, narrated by Armstid

By William Faulkner

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Section Forty-Three, narrated by Armstid

  • At dinner, Anse refuses to use Armstid’s team of mules – he would rather buy a new team of his own.
  • Meantime, Jewel goes to get Peabody to fix Cash’s leg. All he can find is a horse doctor, who does what he can. Cash elects to pass out rather than complain.
  • Anse rides Jewel’s horse over to Snopes' to find a team of mules to buy.
  • Vardaman chases the buzzards around.
  • When Anse returns and announces that he mortgaged all his stuff to buy a new team, Darl knows that he must have traded away something more than his junky farm equipment.
  • As it turns out, Darl is right. Anse used the eight dollars that Cash had been saving up to buy a graphophone. He also used some money from his own personal "Let’s get me some teeth!" fund.
  • Oh, and he also traded away Jewel’s horse.
  • Jewel takes his horse and rides off into the horizon.
  • Anse claims that his family will go with their own team, again refusing Armstid’s offer to lend his own mules. Cash is placed on a quilt on top of Addie’s coffin.
  • The next morning, Snopes brings the mules over and explains that Jewel’s horse was left on his property (meaning the trade went through.) Jewel is nowhere to be seen.
  • Armstid notes that there’s something about Anse that makes other men want to help him.

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