Study Guide

As I Lay Dying Section One, narrated by Darl

By William Faulkner

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Section One, narrated by Darl

  • Darl returns with his brother Jewel from the fields. Darl is a full head shorter, which might be an age tip-off. They approach a cottonhouse.
  • Jewel walks rigidly, walking through the cottonhouse windows while Darl circles the path.
  • Darl notes Tull’s wagon as they pass it, and can hear his brother Cash’s saw at the top of the hill.
  • Cash, a "good carpenter," is fitting together a coffin for Addie. Darl narrates that she couldn’t want a better one, that this will give her comfort.
  • As Darl goes home, the sound of Cash’s adze follows him.

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