Study Guide

As I Lay Dying Section Thirty-Four, narrated by Darl

By William Faulkner

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Section Thirty-Four, narrated by Darl

  • Darl and Cash bring the wagon to the water’s edge. Jewel is still on his horse. Tull, Anse, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman have already crossed to the other side.
  • Cash proposes several ideas re: crossing the river. Jewel turns all of them down and insists that they just get this over with already, sans clear thinking and logical plans. On his horse, he crosses the river and pulls Cash, Darl, and the wagon behind him with a rope.
  • Jewel and his horse head into the river, guiding Cash, Darl, and the team with a rope. (Darl is inside the wagon, while Cash is outside guiding the team.)
  • Cash focuses on a huge log speeding towards them, realizes it is dangerous, and calls for Darl to jump into the water and head for the other side of the bank.
  • The log knocks into the wagon. Cash holds onto the coffin and again tells Darl to jump out of the wagon and get himself safely to the other side.
  • The mules pulling the wagon are drowned.

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