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As I Lay Dying Section Twenty-Four, narrated by Vardaman

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Section Twenty-Four, narrated by Vardaman

  • The family prepares for their journey.
  • Dewey Dell has promised Vardaman that something would not be sold because Santa Claus will protect it until next Christmas. We’re not sure what this something is yet, so hold tight.
  • Jewel insists on getting his horse even though Anse wants them all to ride together in the wagon.
  • Vardaman asks Darl about the horse, the fish, and their mother. He wonders if his mother has to be a horse if Jewel’s mother is a horse.
  • Cash brings his toolbox for work at the Tulls’ when they return, though Anse finds this disrespectful.
  • Dewey Dell brings a mysterious package which she claims has Cora’s cakes inside. (Riiight. Keep an eye on that package, OK?)

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