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As I Lay Dying Section Twenty-Nine, narrated by Samson

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Section Twenty-Nine, narrated by Samson

  • Samson and some local farmers watch the Bundrens’ wagon pass by. One of them, named Quick, hurries out to give the news of the road conditions ahead (the bridge they were planning to cross has washed away).
  • Samson generously invites the Bundrens to stay overnight in the barn. The plan is for them to head up to New Hope in the morning.
  • The Bundrens refuse to be indebted to anyone, refusing Samson and his wife Rachel’s invitations to eat and stay inside. They choose to sleep in the barn instead.
  • Samson thinks Anse is a lazy jerk trying to make a victim of himself by showing off the hardship he’s willing to endure.
  • Jewel offers to pay Samson for extra feed for his horse. Samson refuses, inviting him to use as much food as he’d like for free.
  • Samson’s wife Rachel talks about how inappropriate it is for Anse to be bringing his family over to Jefferson. She bickers with Samson, who claims he just cannot understand women.
  • The next morning, Samson stays in bed while the Bundrens get ready and depart. When they’re gone, Rachel yells at him for not making them breakfast.
  • Samson goes out to the barn and finds a buzzard.

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