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As You Like It Act 5, Scene 2

By William Shakespeare

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Act 5, Scene 2

Read the full text of As You Like It Act 5 Scene 2 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • Now conferring in the forest with Orlando, Oliver shares some surprising news with his brother. He has fallen in love with "Aliena," and she with him, even though they just met that afternoon. Oliver has decided to give their father's estate to Orlando so he can live as a shepherd with Aliena.
  • Orlando's a bit taken aback, but two-minute-love is nothing new, so he agrees that, if they love each other, they might as well get married tomorrow. Why take a few days to think about a life-altering decision?
  • Rosalind/Ganymede enters and talks to Orlando about Aliena's engagement to Oliver.
  • Orlando admits he's happy for his brother's happiness, but that Rosalind's absence will weigh on him heavily, especially tomorrow when everyone's getting married and he's the odd-bachelor out.
  • Orlando says that his and Ganymede's play-acting just won't cut it anymore, so Rosalind/Ganymede promises that, tomorrow, Orlando will marry his Rosalind, if he'll have her.
  • Silvius and Phoebe enter the scene.
  • Phoebe is upset at Ganymede for showing Silvius her love letter and she says as much.
  • Silvius declares his love for Phoebe, Phoebe declares her love for Ganymede, Orlando declares his love for Rosalind, and Ganymede declares his love for "no woman."
  • Rosalind/Ganymede says that everyone should meet back here tomorrow and promises Phoebe that, if he ever marries a woman, it will be her.
  • Ganymede then promises everyone that they will all be getting married tomorrow. This would be a bind, if not for all the handy cross-dressing and deceit that will now finally unravel.

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