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Atlas Shrugged Booker's Seven Basic Plots Analysis

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Booker's Seven Basic Plots Analysis

Anticipation Stage and the Call

From the introduction of Eddie and his sense of doom through the period where the John Galt Line is built

In this stage we learn that something is very wrong, although what that is remains mysterious. We meet our main players and they all embark on a quest to save Colorado from economic destruction.

The Dream Stage

The John Galt Line opens successfully and Hank and Dagny explore their new relationship on a vacation. They also find a revolutionary motor and set out to find its inventor.

Things are more hopeful in this period after the success of Dagny's John Galt Line. Hank and Dagny start a relationship and embark on a new quest after they find the motor. However, dread still lurks in the background and soon enters the narrative again.

The Frustration Stage

Ellis Wyatt's disappearance until Dagny crashes her plane and learns of Galt's strike

Things go from bad to worse for our heroes here. People disappear and Hank and Dagny suffer increasing trials. Dagny crashes in Atlantis and has her world flipped upside down when she learns about the strike, which she bring herself to join just yet. Hank is also thrown off-kilter with a series of realizations about his personal life.

Nightmare Stage

From the time Dagny leaves Atlantis until Galt's torture

Things get worse for everyone after Dagny leaves Atlantis. Though she begins a relationship with Galt, they cannot be together. Hank finally leaves for Atlantis and Dagny suffers alone after Galt's capture. The country's downfall is fast approaching.

Thrilling Escape from Death and the Death of the Monster

From Galt's rescue until the end

Our heroes save Galt and escape to Atlantis as the country descends into chaos and darkness, signaling that the "looters" have been defeated.

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