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Lee Hunsacker in Atlas Shrugged

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Lee Hunsacker

Hunsacker was the owner of the dubiously named Amalgamated Services Inc., which took over the Factory after the Starnes children abandoned it. Hunsacker is directly responsible for Mulligan and Narragansett going on strike. He sued Mulligan for a loan, and when Judge Narragansett ruled against him, he found another judge to overturn the ruling. Here's his justification for his lawsuit:

"Why did my plans for my own future have to depend upon the arbitrary opinion of a selfish monopolist? I wasn't going to stand for that. I brought suit against him." (

Hunsacker is spoiled and has serious entitlement issues, as evidenced by this lawsuit. Actually, he would fit in very well in today's world. He likes his litigation, he seems like a media whore (if his scrapbook of articles about himself is any indication), and he's writing his own memoirs. This guy would totally do a reality TV show.

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