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Quentin Daniels in Atlas Shrugged

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Quentin Daniels

Quentin is sort of like the kid brother of the strike. He's like Robin to the strike's League of Super Friends. And if Eddie Willers had been a super genius, he might have been this kid.

Quentin is directly linked to Dagny's quest to find the motor. If we take the motor as a metaphor for Galt's value system, then Quentin is essentially educating himself. So it's fitting that he figures nearly everything out on his own and barely needs Galt's guidance:

"I do not wish to work in a world that regards me as a slave any longer. I do not wish to be of any value to people.... I would not take it upon my conscience that anything produced by my mind should be used to bring them comfort." (

Galt even notes later that Quentin barely needed any help at all – he intuitively understood Galt's value system. Galt's philosophy of life is tied to childhood; it seeks to recapture and to express the optimistic and joyful view of the world that people hold as children. When Quentin arrives in Atlantis he seems filled with childlike glee:

The driver leaped out, raced up the path and rushed into the room, not pausing to ring or knock. It took her a moment to realize that the eager, breathless, disheveled young man was Quentin Daniels.

. . ."Isn't he great – Midas Mulligan? That's what I want to be when I reach his age. I want to make money. I want to make millions. I want to make as much as he did!"

Young in age and spirit, Quentin Daniels is able to grasp Galt's value system almost instinctively.

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