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Tinky Holloway in Atlas Shrugged

By Ayn Rand

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Tinky Holloway

Tinky is another of the "nickname era" looters, albeit one who is referred to much more than he is featured. In fact, the only really substantial sequence we get with him is at a Washington meeting with Hank Rearden. Unlike some of his other nickname brethren, Tinky much less prone to violence.

"Our Plan is really very simple," said Tinky Holloway, striving to prove it by the gaily bouncing simplicity of his voice. (

Like many of the looters, Tinky tries to use his words to control the world. He lives in denial and seems to think that saying things in a certain way will make them true.

Tinky seems to be more in the looter-of-the-spirit camp, which emphasizes charity, humanitarianism, and ideology, in contrast to the materialist looters like Cuffy Meigs. Tinky is thus linked to people like James, Eugene Lawson, and Bertram Scudder, whom we later learn Tinky screwed over in a power struggle.

Tinky and Chick are in opposing factions, which is rather fitting. Cuffy's force contrasts to Tinky's more mild-mannered but still dangerous approach. Tinky might not shoot you, but he will definitely rob you, manipulate you, blackmail you, and leave you to starve.

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