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The Tallis Family Servants in Atonement

By Ian McEwan

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The Tallis Family Servants


The cook. She often has conflicts with Emily, which Cecilia has to sort out. She makes Jackson clean his own sheets when he wets the bed, and generally terrorizes him and his brother, though not out of any malice.

Mr. Hardman

Danny's father, a worker around the house. He testifies that Danny was with him on the night of the rape.

Danny Hardman

A worker who does odd jobs around the house. He's attracted to Lola, and for years Robbie and Cecilia think he was the one who raped her. Turns out he's as innocent as can be, however.

Ernest Turner

Robbie's father. He was the Tallises' gardener and handyman before he walked out on his wife and child. No one knows what happened to him.

Grace Turner

The Tallises' cleaning woman and Robbie's mother. She tells fortunes on the side to make extra money. She adores her son and, along with Cecilia, is the only one who supports him when he is accused of rape.

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