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Colonel Andrews in Austenland

By Shannon Hale

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Colonel Andrews

Colonel Must-Have

Andrews is the Bingley to Nobley's Darcy. While Darcy is brooding and grumpy, Andrews is vivacious and outgoing. He loves carousing and card playing, and he prompts Jane to utter lines like "he had a dashing smile. It nearly dashed right off his face" (5.12). Yowza.

But he's not as high-class as Bingley. And he has creepy pick-up lines, including:

You are my butterfly and I refuse to turn you loose. (5.72)

That would be a weird turn for Austenland, huh? Butterfly Jane ends up pinned to a corkboard, wriggling to escape?

Miss Charming doesn't seem to be turned off by the colonel's weirdness though. He's the object of her affection, and Mrs. Wattlesbrook manipulates the game to ensure that Andrews seduces Charming. She has to keep her paying customers happy.

Colonel Andrews is also gay. Well, the actor that plays him is gay. Why is this important? We're not sure. The characters seem to think it's funny. Hm, maybe they're stuck more in the 19th century than we thought.

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