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Jane's Ex-Boyfriends in Austenland

By Shannon Hale

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Jane's Ex-Boyfriends


At the beginning of most chapters, we get a little glimpse into Jane's relationship history. We're not sure if these snippets are there to make us realize how "damaged and castoff-able and unlovable" (2.58) Jane is (her words, not ours), or to make us be glad that she's decided to be a celibate spinster for her entire life.

The guys range from childhood crushes who moved away to truly sleazy guys who rub cupcakes in her hair and break up with her right at the moment when she's contemplating marriage. But then there are the guys who she calls her boyfriend after one failed date, the guy she broke up with after five months because he snorted while laughing, and the guy who she laughed at in bed because he was no Mr. Darcy.

We guess there are many sides to every story. We'd like to read Martin the Gardener's account, seeing as how he's made out to be the villain by the none-too-virtuous-herself Jane.

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