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Sir John Templeton in Austenland

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Sir John Templeton

You, Sir, are No "Sir"

Sir John Templeton is Aunt Saffronia's husband. Well, he plays her husband in Austenland. He would be a non-entity in the plot, were it not for that time he tries to sexually assault Jane after dark.

Yep. He pushes her against the wall and demands to have "a little wink-wink, a little nudge-nudge under the table" (9.63). Skeeved out, Jane knees him in the "bollacks" (because we're in England), and he gets carted off to "the apothecary," which must be a Regency euphemism for "his creeper butt just got fired." In fact, a different actor is playing Sir John by the time Jane leaves Austenland.

This little episode is never mentioned again, which makes it seem like a harmless event. But just because he uses euphemisms and didn't succeed at hurting Jane doesn't mean the old John Templeton wasn't a despicable troll. Austenland is a lot more dangerous after dark than you might have anticipated.

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