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Martin Jasper/Theodore the Gardener in Austenland

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Martin Jasper/Theodore the Gardener

Digging Up Dirt

Martin is the Wickham to Jane's Elizabeth Bennet. He's a little scandalous and a whole lotta sexy. So, even though he's practically wearing a sign around his neck that says "Bad News," Jane can't resist his sweaty, manly charms.

We have to admit, the guy has swagger. After making Jane go weak in the knees, he says, "I have that effect on a lot of women" (6.82). Way to make a woman feel special, Martin. Even more impressive is that when he tells Jane she reminds him of his sister, he manages to do it in a way that doesn't freak her out. Plus, he dumps her like yesterday's trash, and still wins her back. The clincher: he's been paid to do it all. He's an employee of Austenland, not Jane's One True Love.

If Austenland has a villain, it's Martin. The thing is, is he really all that bad? Jane goes to Austenland looking for a romantic experience, and boy, does she get one. There's no denying the steamy attraction between the two of them, despite how temporary it may be. They have the kind of chemistry that Hollywood pays actors millions for. And when you think about it, Mr. Nobley was paid to flirt with Jane, too. Who is to say his declaration of love for Jane is any more honest than Martin's is? Maybe a little game of "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" can solve this one for us.

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