Study Guide

Miss Heartwright in Austenland

By Shannon Hale

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Miss Heartwright

Our Girl's Got Competition

Miss Heartwright is the third and final of our Austenian ladies to be introduced at Pembrook Park. Unlike the comical Miss Charming, Miss Heartwright provides Jane with actual competition for the gentlemen of Austenland. She is beautiful and sports an "infuriatingly real British accent" (5.89). She also has previous attachments to Mr. Nobley and Captain East. How can Jane compete?

Of course, Jane finds out in the end that Miss Heartwright is a fake, too. She's from San Francisco and practices for her annual trip to Austenland with a dialect coach. Even her demonstration of friendship to Jane—when she takes the fall for Jane's cell phone—turns out to have been orchestrated by Mr. Nobley. Although they were friends in Austenland, we doubt Miss Heartwright and Jane will be exchanging any e-mails back in the States.

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