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Austenland Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

1 year ago

  • Jane gets a visit from her mom and Great-Aunt Carolyn. Jane doesn't know ol' Carolyn too well, but her mom is angling for the woman's inheritance.
  • Carolyn notices Jane's Pride and Prejudice¬†hidden in a houseplant (Jane's a little embarrassed about her obsession) before they go out to eat.
  • At lunch, Carolyn does what all well-meaning old people do: she stages an intervention for our little Jane to deal with her unhealthy obsession.
  • She tells Jane that she doesn't want her to immerse herself in Austen and end up like Austen: a spinster.
  • Jane (Hayes, our protagonist), admits that she might be a little "batty" (1.37). What? She's a vampire?! Oh wait, that's another book.
  • As lunch winds to a close, Jane nibbles her salad and thinks that she should try to move past her obsession.

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