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Austenland Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Day 9-10

  • The next morning, Jane plays piano (quite poorly) for everyone. It's raining, so they're trapped inside (with Jane's horrible piano playing) for the whole day.
  • The weather clears up by day 10, and everyone decides to play croquet. Jane's about as good at croquet as she is at playing piano, but that's only because she's distracted by Captain East's charm.
  • Unfortunately, the game is interrupted when Mrs. Wattlesbrook's carriage trundles up. She found Jane's cell phone, and Jane is going to be expelled from Austenland.
  • Dear Miss Heartwright speaks up, though, and confesses that the phone is hers. She says she was embarrassed to have accidentally kept it, so she let Jane hold it.
  • Mrs. Wattlesbrook forgives Miss Heartwright's anachronistic indiscretion, and everything is peachy again.

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