Study Guide

Austenland Chapter 16

By Shannon Hale

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Chapter 16

Days 14-18

  • Boy, things get really complicated with actors now playing actors, and Jane trying to figure out who is genuine and who's really acting. It's like David Lynch meets Jane Austen or something.
  • The play sure as heck isn't Shakespeare (it isn't even Hamlet 2), but Jane and Nobley have some revealing chats about truth and acting.
  • When they perform the play, Mr. Nobley does a little ad-libbing, which stuns Jane. Instead of his flowery love speech, he merely says, "I love you" (16.68).
  • She's expecting a full-on lip lock, but he smooches her on the cheek.
  • After the play, Jane notices Martin in the audience, so she quickly makes her way to her room in order to avoid him.

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