Study Guide

Austenland Chapter 18

By Shannon Hale

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Chapter 18

Day 20

  • The next day, Jane dons her best dress with thoughts of Mr. Nobley and fancy dancing in her head.
  • When the maid sees how gorgeous Jane looks in her gown, she says "Oh, my" (18.11). (That's right: the maid is played by George Takei.)
  • Jane and Nobley dance together—twice!—at the ball. There's also some good ol' drama when Martin tries to cut in on their dancing. Nobley confesses he's falling in love with Jane.
  • Convinced that his proclamation of love is all part of the act, Jane turns him away. He leaves, feeling foolish and mortified.
  • Martin intercepts her, and she runs away with him into the gardens.
  • She says she missed him. He says she reminds him of his sister… And for some reason she doesn't find this creepy, so they make out.
  • Jane decides that, even though she's leaving Austenland tomorrow, she'll stay in London with Martin for a few more days.

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