Study Guide

Austenland Chapter 20

By Shannon Hale

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Chapter 20

The end of day 21

  • Jane has to wait two hours for her flight. The dejected and lonely class boards last, we guess.
  • Suddenly, her name is called on the loudspeaker: there's a gentleman looking for her.
  • Well, they use the term gentleman loosely; it's Martin.
  • He tries to tell her that his love for her was real, but she's not buying what he's selling.
  • Suddenly, another man races up. It's Mr. Nobley.
  • Jane gets mad at him too, accusing him of being "paid to kiss [her]" (20.47). But Mr. Nobley tells her that what they had was real.
  • Nobley and Martin throw some punches, but Jane separates them.
  • Jane's flight is announced for boarding, and she leaves the two of them behind.
  • But then Mr. Nobley boards the plane. He introduces himself as Henry Jenkins and sits next to her.
  • He tells Jane that he wants a shot at forever. Persistence pays off. Jane, wanting "a man as crazy intense as [she is]," says yes, and he follows her all the way back to New York City.

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