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Austenland Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

3 weeks and 1 day ago

  • Jane flies into Heathrow airport, where a limo is waiting to take her to Austenland.
  • On the way, she reviews a packet of notes: "Social History of the Regency Period." It's full of rules on how ladies and gentleman are to act in Austenland.
  • At the estate, Jane is introduced to the proprietress of Pembrook Park, Mrs. Wattlesbrook. She changes Jane's name to Miss Jane Erstwhile, and gives Jane the opportunity to pretend to be a different age. Jane decides to stay thirty-three.
  • After a quiz on etiquette, current events, and card game rules in Austenland, Jane is shown her wardrobe, which is filled with authentic period clothing. No Saks tags here.
  • Mrs. Wattlesbrook confiscates Jane's MP3 player, but Jane hides her cell phone and doesn't give it up.
  • Jane has dinner and then a quick dance practice with Theodore, a hunky gardener.
  • That night, Jane hopes that her trip to Austenland will have a "very good ending" (3.75).

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