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Austenland Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Day 7

  • Jane is, like, so bored with Austenland. All she does is sit around reading, making small talk with the ladies, and waiting to snog Martin's socks off at night.
  • Unfortunately, the snogging part is about to come to an end.
  • Martin tells Jane that Mrs. Wattlesbrook is onto them. She confiscated his TV. So he's calling it quits, saying that Jane only comes to find him "when there is no one else to flirt with" (8.19). Ouch.
  • "Are you breaking up with me?" (8.32) Jane asks.
  • "Were we ever together enough to require breaking up?" (8.33) Whoa. We know that last line got an "ouch" from us, but this is one for the Austenland Burn Book.

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