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Austenland Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Day 7, continued

  • After getting rejected by the man pretending to be a gardener, Jane mopes around, wearing ugly dresses and reading and refusing to socialize.
  • She goes for her usual walk, and tries to decide whether or not to find Martin and apologize.
  • In the dark, Mr. Nobley comes up behind her, and almost finds himself on the receiving end of Jane's ninja wrath.
  • Nobley warns Jane about "cavort[ing] with servants" (9.33), and Jane stomps off.
  • She walks "around the park in angry circles" (9.43). That explains the crop circles in England: it's all those angry Jane Austen wannabes, wandering around in Austenland.
  • Once everyone has gone to bed, Jane sneaks back inside. She finds a piece of paper in the book Mr. Nobley had been reading. It's something decidedly modern: a paystub, with the name Henry Jenkins. Could that be Nobley's true identity?
  • Not everyone is asleep though. Sir John is awake, drunk, and… um… frisky.
  • He pushes Jane against the wall, and she knees him in the groin.
  • Mr. Nobley is drawn to them by the commotion, and he takes Sir John away.
  • On her way to the bedroom, Jane runs into Aunt Saffronia, who apologizes for Sir John's behavior. "Jane wasn't sure if Aunt Saffronia was speaking to Jane the niece or Jane the client" (9.103). Maybe it's a little of both.
  • Jane brushes off this traumatic incident easily enough, going to sleep and dreaming of Mr. Nobley's smile.

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