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Austenland Competition

By Shannon Hale

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Romance novels today are fraught with daring duels, kidnappings, high-speed chases, and more perilous situations. In Jane Austen's day, things were a little more subdued. Heck, they couldn't have had a duel while wearing all those petticoats, even if they tried. But they still knew how compete. Whether it was at the card table or in the game of love, the women of Austenland must always bring their A-games if they want to win some grade-A grooms. Let your guard down for a second, and you'll end up a decrepit old spinster (i.e., thirty and unmarried) before you know it.

Questions About Competition

  1. How must Jane compete to find herself a suitable partner? How does her competition compare to that of Jane Austen's heroines?
  2. Does Austenland encourage competition?
  3. Why do the women compete with each other for the gentlemen's affections if they know it's all an act?
  4. Is the competition to find a partner fiercer on the men's side or the women's side?

Chew on This

To Jane, love has always been a game. The object? Find her own Mr. Darcy. So she has no problem getting into the competitive spirit of Austenland.

Just like in the 19th century, the dames at Austenland fight over their suitors with wit and sassy body language... at least until they leave the resort.

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